Industry-specific ERP Systems for Companies in the Discrete and Process Manufacturing Industries

A study shows that manufacturing companies that use appropriate software solutions for the control and administration of key performance indicators (KPIs) have considerable advantages over their competitors. They are, among other things, ten percent better when it comes to reducing production costs and increasing net profit margins and on-time delivery. Manufacturing companies from the fields of both discrete and process manufacturing thus profit in many ways from industry-specific ERP systems.


All beas industry solutions are consistently designed for the individual industries. In implementing these solutions, companies can depend on the over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing environment with more than 800 successful customer projects. The production experts also have years of SAP expertise. All beas solutions are based on the SAP Business One applications and are designed to meet the needs of SME companies as well as subsidiaries of larger concerns.


All beas industry solutions can be used internationally. They are constantly being further developed by a global team, either in collaboration with SAP or with beas partners around the world. The solutions are certified by SAP and thus fulfill SAP’s highest level of requirements for business solutions. Since 2002, beas has been a certified SAP solution provider for SAP Business One. In the past five years alone, beas industry solutions have received a large number of awards from SAP.


  • Above-average functional industry coverage and process support
  • Quick, effortless and cost-effective implementation. Industry specifics are taken into account and integrated and available from the very outset.
  • Best-practice process, including options for easily and flexibly modifying or adding integrated business scenarios to meet your individual business requirements/typologies across all process chains.
  • Transparent process analysis (“inside views?”) support companies in continuously reviewing the effects of optimization projects (such as lean manufacturing, improving product margins, etc.) using defined KPIs.
  • Use and integration of the latest technologies and innovations, from SAP ERP integration to SAP HANA and analysis applications, as well as SAP cloud and mobile solutions.


  • Beas Industry Solutions for Companies in the Discrete Manufacturing Industry
    • Plastics Processing
    • Plant Construction
    • Aerospace & Defense
    • Metal Processing
    • High Tech & Electronics
    • Medical Devices & Components
    • Industrial Machinery & Components
    • Automotive
    • Packaging Industry (Products)
  • Beas Industry Solutions for Companies in the Process Manufacturing Industry
    • Chemicals
    • Food & Beverages
    • Life Sciences
    • Packaging Industry (Services)
    • Personal Care


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