Ivend Loyalty Overview

Getting customers to come to your stores and shop is one thing, ensuring they come back again for repeat business is a different challenge. Customers are spoilt for choice of moving to other retailers and it is becoming more important to acknowledge the customer for the business he does with the retailer. Equally important is to monetize the gratitude and Reward him for the business he does.

iVend Loyalty is a points & rewards management application, designed to significantly improve customer retention by bringing them continuously back and improving customer satisfaction levels. iVend Loyalty is seamlessly integrated with iVend Retail and can integrate with any Business Management or Retail application using its APIs


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iVend Loyalty is designed to worked in online mode with different POS solutions. Each POS is connected with iVend Loyalty enterprise through internet. This ensures data integrity of loyalty points on real time basis across stores. However, when connectivity is not available it processes the transactions locally and points are awarded and redemptions are recorded after iVend Enterprise synchronizes with the Loyalty enterprise after replication of store transaction at iVend HO enterprise. In case of integration with any other POS system, synchronization method can be defined by POS system using iVend Loyalty APIs

Registration of Loyalty Points can be configured in three modes. I can be either attached to a:

  • Customer ID
  • Loyalty Card
  • Loyalty Card Attached to a Customer ID

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    Whether a small Business or large each customer counts, loyalty programs help dwell relationships with customers. It is possible to retain a one-time purchaser or regular customer or the window shopper who visits on Sundays by offering a financial benefit. Socially, they all have the potential to spread word about the business to their friends, family and online networks and become loyal customers.


    • Loyalty programs encourage people to Buy and then repeat the purchase. Customers like to be rewarded for their loyalty especially if the rewards program offers them a significant savings or discount. Incorporating rewards programs that connect to customers socially puts additional focus on the business, thereby increasing the potential for new customers.
    • Recognition is the Buzz-word Acknowledge the Customer with instant Gratification
    • More I buy more I feel the need to be rewarded. iVend loyalty programs help in setting up exclusive level definitions for various customer categories like Silver, Gold & Platinum
    • The most valuable aspect of iVend Loyalty is that it instills among retailers the abilities to identify individual customers and to measure & understand their buying patterns. This behavioral trend far outweighs the currency value of providing consumers with rewards for shopping at any retail store
    • The Shopping behavioral intelligence of loyalty program can make retailer use it many innovative ways to tailor new promotional activities with focused & targeted campaigns. Hence a customer loyalty program could become an ingenious marketing tool that makes a memorable statement about a Retail business.


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