iVend eCommerce Overview

Adopt multi-channel and eCommerce capabilities with iVend eCommerce. iVend eCommerce launches your retail store into the world of online shopping, helping you sell more while seamlessly integrating your back office into a single unified system. Improve your bottom line by accelerating sales growth by reaching a whole new audience.

iVend eCommerce is an eCommerce, mCommerce platform allowing retailers to offer their products on the web. With its seamless integration with iVend Retail, shoppers can conduct their business on the web in the same way as is done at the physical store “ imparting customers a unified experience “where they have access to all products, images, promotions, & schemes.

Products Features

  • Categories/Departments/Manufacturers Supported.
  • Supports cross-matrix of products mapping.
  • Paged browsing for categories and sections: Keeps page size small, and optimizes user experience.
  • Featured Products
  • Disable buy buttons for specific products
  • Support for 3 images sizes: icon, medium, large
  • Automatic image scaling
  • Donation Products (e.g. Customer Enters Price)
  • Restrict product quantities to preset values (e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc.)
  • Enforce product minimum order
  • Show inventory availability status on product page to customer
  • Multiple Warehouse Inventory Visibility
  • Recurring products can have varying intervals (days, weeks, months, years)
  • Downloadable products supported with automatic e-mail to customer with download instructions
  • Support for simple products (e.g. a book) or products with attributes
  • Product Descriptions can include HTML formatting
  • Limit orders to quantity on hand inventory, or allow customers to place orders for items out of stock.
  • Category, Department, and Manufacturer “names” can be renamed (e.g. Baby Toys, Puzzles, Lego, whatever you need
  • Attribute Management through Item Matrix Integration
  • Product Image Display by Code, ID or UPC Code
  • Promotional Sale Countdown Timer


  • 24 X7 Shopping, Store Never Closes

    With iVend eCommerce your store is available and accessible by your customers 24/7; your customers can place orders any time. The website can take orders round the clock hence you never miss a sale and your customers keep shopping at their convenience

  • Easier data access for your customers

    Online retailers can give their customers access to a great deal of valuable information 24/7. Accessing this information online allows customers to see it when they need it without having to contact the retailer to find it for them. With a full bi-directional integration, the information can include order history, invoice history, shipment tracking, username and password management, and re-order capabilities.

  • M-commerce capability to shop via mobile devices

    Mobility is the buzz around with more and more customers armed with a smart mobile device,they are tapping the shopping trends via Mobile and iVend  m-commerce application helps them access to a complete with power to browse , view and buy. Its like wrapping a store in a tin foil.

  • Reduction in Order Entry Errors

    iVend eCommerce has automated order generation and tracking process which eliminates any manual intervention or re-keying of order data which is the source of errors. Eventually it leads to decreased employee costs with accurate and streamlined customer (order) information. Integrated web storefront automatically transfers order data to the ERP in the required format with correct information available for processing orders

  • Focused approach and efficient resource utilization

    Allows retail workforce to focus on growing the business, increasing sales, and customer relationship building instead of manually re-keying data, chasing order information for customers, or answering questions that could be better answered on the website. With real time data synchronizing between the Online Store and Back end, chances are that retailer shall never lay his hands on any incorrect data ; which helps in better operations management and happier customers.

  • Ensure Safety & Security of Your Customers & Your Business

    iVend eCommerce protects the privacy of online customers and company with SSL encryption for secure ordering and secure checkout.IP Address Tracking& address verification from gateways happens in all orders, keeping the data safe and secure.


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