Data visualization software that offers full-size power for any size budget.

Get fast answers to complex questions using data of any size including big data in Hadoop. Guided exploration makes it easy. In-memory processing makes it fast. Advanced data visualization tools make it clear. Scalability makes it the perfect fit. And the price makes it within your reach.

See the bigger picture

Visually explore all relevant data smartly, quickly, easily. Interactive data discovery lets you look at all options. Find out why something happened. Identify critical drivers. The software automatically highlights key relationships, outliers, clusters, trends and more, guiding you to critical insights that inspire action.

Goodbye, static BI!

Quickly create dazzling interactive reports and dashboards. Then easily share them via the web, mobile devices and Microsoft applications. Recipients can slice and dice to arrive at relevant information using filters and drill-through capabilities.


  • Visual Insights

    No matter the size of your organization or your data you can explore all relevant data quickly and easily. Interactive data visualization software lets you look at more options, uncover hidden opportunities, identify key relationships and make precise decisions faster than ever before. Self-service, ad hoc visual data discovery and exploration put lightning-fast insights within everyone’s reach.

  • Get Answers Fast

    Now anyone can make sense of complex data, regardless of analytic skill level (or lack thereof). We have combined sophisticated analytics decision trees, network diagrams, on-the-fly forecasting, goal seeking and scenario analysis, path analysis and text sentiment analysis with ease-of-use features, such as auto-charting, what does it mean pop-ups and drag-and-drop capabilities. The result is data visualization software that supports BI reporting and dashboards, plus data exploration and analytics delivered through a single interface. Absolutely no coding required.

  • Meaningful Analytics

    Quickly create interactive reports that are attractive and meaningful. Then easily share them via the web, mobile devices and Microsoft applications through integration with SAS Office Analytics. Recipients can slice and dice the information however they want, using filters and drill-through capabilities. And that’s not all. Go beyond BI by exploring your data through interactive analytic visualizations. And when you’re ready for the next step, you can start building analytical models using the SAS Visual Statistics add-on.


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