Wholesale Distribution Solution



As your business in the Distribution & Wholesale industry matures and your customer base grows, it’s imperative that you keep orders and inventory in sync. Selatan emphasizes the importance of handling such challenges surrounding product combinations, shipping to multiple store locations or warehouses, and manual processes hindering timely decision making. We have had experience with similar clients in the past and are able to offer a complete solution that is targeted to meet all of your business challenges while addressing the need for extensibility and client/channel management and distribution.

Selatan addresses all such following challenges:

  • Having your distribution channel perform to its potential
  • Multiple routes to market, including business-to-distributor, business-to-major-retailer, and business-to-consumer via retail and web
  • Managing complex inventory logistics:
  • Order once, ship to many locations
  • What’s available to promise?
  • What’s available to sell?
  • Managing the complexity through systems that support financial and international accounting

Selatan’s solutions allows Distributors and Wholesalers to progress to the next logical step in their growth path. By possessing full industry knowledge, Selatan provides the expertise for integrating solutions, enabling clients to move up the value chain with their customers. Furthermore, the use of mobile integration such as digital sign & auto stamping between supplier and customer, expediting the order process. Selatan’s solutions for the Wholesale/Distribution industry provide the necessary tools that you need to enable your business to meet the needs of your customers and for better overall business visibility.